Tuesday, May 3, 2011


So, we finally decided to do real homeschooling instead of going through a virtual school. We are really excited to get started!! I have the math books already, we are going to test out an online program for grammar and other things, go through a local homeschool coop for Science... it is going to be grand!!

Some things we are just flying by the seat of our pants, for now. It kind of feels like jumping off a cliff into the ocean... you know how to swim so you should do just fine, but WHAT IF there is a shark just waiting there to make you lunch? I do plan on having a framework for everything, but I figure starting over the summer will give us a head start, and allow us to make some mistakes without falling behind. Oh, and we are planning to buy a house, so that will throw some sticks over the track. Fun times.

I think what we are both most excited for is being able to take advantage of fun classes around the cities! There is an exhibit at the Science Museum right now on Ancient Egypt, so I'm compiling stuff for a unit on that. Eeee! Finally I'll be back in DD1's school day instead of just checking in in the morning and afternoon. InshaAllah that will bring us closer too.

I'm excited to share what we have planned... any maybe I can blog regularly and become a bajillionare from sitting on my bum and writing blogs!! Yeah right....

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