Monday, July 12, 2010

My Newest Obsession

I have recently become quite fixated on being more "green." I have focused on this in the last year especially (not working gives you time to look into what is important :) ) but in the last month or so, I've come across so many more ways we can live a more sustainable life! I'm bothered by how much compostable stuff we throw away inside a non-compostable garbage bag. We live in an apartment though so a worm box, instead of a compost pile outside, would be the answer... but it feels a bit too weird to implement right now, and the hubby likes it even less than I do.

Family cloth is another item that has come across my mind. Now, I don't feel that using it for #2 is where we are heading, but considering that we rinse after even doing #1, it doesn't seem that gross to use cloth instead of paper. I have bought a ton of fleece that I plan on sewing together in order to start doing family cloth for DD and I when we go #1. We even put a date on the toilet paper pack we just bought to see how long it lasts. After this pack is gone, I plan to get the exact same pack and again put the date on it, and see how much longer it lasts.

The current green things we do:
Grocery shop about 70-80% organic, use cloth bags for groceries, only use plastic bags for produce when absolutely needed, turn off heated dry on the dish washer, make sure dish washer/clothes washer is full before using it, reuse the same glass throughout the day (sometimes), recycle, buy used items when we can, sell our items instead of throwing them away, use water filter pitchers instead of buying plastic bottles, use eco-friendly cleaners from Shaklee including personal care items, DH takes the bus to work, use vegetable leftovers (outer layer of onions and ends, etc.) to make our own veggie stock, get local seasonal veggies from a local farm/CSA, make our own jams using the veggies from the CSA... hmmmm, that's all I can think of right now.

Things to do:
Cloth diaper baby, use cloth wipes for baby, family cloth for #1, reduce overall waste, unpaper towels, compost/worm bin

It's amazing what ideas you come up with when you are simply trying to plan for an upcoming child. :)