Monday, May 16, 2011

Just another day

Both DD and I are counting down the days until we can be done with the virtual schooling program and start homeschooling primarily! We just have a few more weeks left, and then we can move on, alhamdulilah! Over the summer we will still do math, literature, and language arts (mostly grammar). We will dabble in history as time permits, and I'll have her explore through for some fun science lessons. DD really wants to do Mandarin Chinese as a foreign language, but time and money are going to be tight this summer, so we are waiting until Fall (at least) to start that.

We are anxiously awaiting a call from the bank on the house. InshaAllah the plumbing will be fixed this week and then they will turn on the utilities and we can FINALLY get the inspection done! We have been waiting for this for about a month now!

DD got a Kindle recently, which has really helped her want to read more. She already likes to read, so it is nice to reward her like this. She is also getting her fencing equipment today!! She has been fencing for about a year now, and always using shared equipment. The place she has been going for her fencing lessons lately requires that you get your own equipment after you have been training with them for 3 months, so the time has come! She is super excited, and it is electric equipment, which means she can do competitions if she wants too!

I'm taking the day off from reading the Bible. I need to get my notes together before they are too cumbersome (and instead I'm writing this, just because). Plus, I think I need a day to just take it in, and rejuvenate a bit. InshaAllah I'll put my post together today for what I've read in the Bible so far and you can check it out on my other blog.

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