Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Death by Parenting a Child in Puberty

Okay, seriously? What in the world am I supposed to do with a hormonal girl for the next 8+ years?! Every single moment could be the one where I ruin her life forever because I say something that is taken wrong, or I make a mistake and she is scarred for the rest of her life, resulting in a lifetime of therapy. Seriously, just about every day has a bout of tears for one reason or another. Yesterday, it was because we used the word "ajar" and she didn't know what it meant, so she felt stupid. Is that going to be the moment she remembers? Where her mom and step dad talked over her head, thus not including her in the conversation and dismissing her very being? AHHH!

While many would say homeschooling would make this time in life harder, I find it makes it easier. I get to see her more often and thus, I can see the good and the bad. Plus, I don't have to deal with the playground politics that come from being in public school. We just started packing today and this made me come across my diaries from 3rd grade on. Wow... just wow. First, why the heck was I so obsessed with having a boyfriend? Second, I don't remember being depressed all the time. I do remember I would write when I was depressed, so that would answer why it seems that I was always depressed, but man... it took me years to get a healthy outlook on life. I can't wait that long for DD!! I will totally lose it by then!

I'm just not really good with people whining for extended periods of time. Either fix it or shut it. It is one thing if something bad happened and you need to vent or whatever, but quite another if your usual demeanor is "I'm a victim, guess what happened this time?" Puberty tends to victimize those going through it, so it is a large test for me to be patient through it.

Ya Allah, I need to step in someone else's shoes about now... someone more patient than I!

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Oh my word, this is crunch time!

I've had to shelf reading the Bible until we get all this house stuff over and done with. *sad* I'm so excited to be buying this duplex because it is our first investment property, and really setting us up to be more financially stable in the future. Plus, it can be a place to live for our kids when they are newlyweds or our parents when they need a place. Alhamdulilah, I am seeing this idea come to fruition.

But, with buying a duplex comes more work. We expected it, but this is a lot to get done this month! We are installing central air in the renter's side of the duplex and getting quotes from up to 5 contractors, then deciding if we are going to get central air in our side yet or not. So today I have an appointment with an electrical contractor and and HVAC contractor. Then tomorrow I have an appointment with Sears because they want to extend discounts to us since we haven't yet decided to go with them (never choose someone right away, I guess. It seems there is always a deal to be made), and then after that the carpets are getting cleaned on the renter's side. I'm planning on running the oven on the self cleaning cycle while they are there. All of this, and we aren't even closing for a couple weeks!!

Oh, and did I mention we haven't even started packing. Eek!

Oh, AND I'm trying to make it so we don't take off too many days during the summer with homeschooling so we can enjoy more of the spring and fall.

ANNNDDDD, I'm making Eid gifts for the mother-people in my life (MIL, step mom, mother). I finished my step mom's lap blanket. I love the pattern so much, I'm making the same blanket for all three, but in different colors. Check it out


Two more to go before the end of August! I think I might end up pushing my mom's blanket to Eid al-Adha so I don't get all stressed during Ramadan to finish a blanket. Oh, that reminds me... I need to do Eid shopping for everyone too.

I'm so glad we are hiring movers. That's the one thing we don't have to do ourselves! Plus, we are planning on buying a van after we close on the house. The luxury of a family of four upgrading from a Cavalier to probably an Odyssey is going to be grand!