Monday, May 3, 2010

Teenager? Not Yet!

I feel like I'm already raising a teenager. MashaAllah, she is still very polite and considerate, but it seems like I'm correcting or scolding all the time!! For instance, washing her hair has been a big fight lately. It has progressively gotten worse and worse to the point where I had to tell her that we are cutting her hair up to her shoulders (it is about to the middle of her back right now). I can't let her keep it long if she's not going to take care of it!

So today I washed it myself. InshaAllah she notices the difference. I'm trying so hard to not make her feel bad, but it seriously looked so gross!! I reminded her of the hadith that cleanliness is half of faith... we Muslims need to be clean. Allah gave us this body and we need to take care of it in this world.

Other note - I want to build bridges between myself and family members so we aren't the outcasts because of our different faith. It seems though that the similarities are far less than the differences. If we talk about things down to their core and root topics, we agree, but I think the general assumption is that we are too far removed to agree on anything so things I talk about are "extreme" or I'm just some hippy in the 21st century. It feels so political. When did politics get so entangled in religion? I mean, Islam promotes religion and politics being hand in hand, but we're in the country of separation of church and state. Hmph... yeah right.


  1. I think America has always had religion in politics. Have you read documents from the founders? We've even had Bible reading and prayer in the public school -- even when my dad went so it's not been like hundreds of years ago. :) I think it was more a protection of the government meddling in religion and establishing state-run or national churches such as the Church of England and so forth. There hasn't ever been the United Church of the USA, for instance.

    That said, I can see where you'd think there was too much mixing of politics and religion. I suppose people are religious or not and according to how they vote, their views will or will not be reflected in governmental policies. It's interesting for sure.

  2. My issue is more along the lines of having a discussion about religion and then the question comes up "Well, what do you think about 'political leader ABC' in 'XYZ Muslim country'?" That bothers me. What that person does or does not do has no relevance on my religion and how I worship and understand God. Also, using religion to get a vote and this sweeps over political policies such as "God is with Bush, so what Bush does is God's will" is disturbing to me.

    You might be interested in my other blog, Wandering Star. I think you can look at my profile and see it there. That one has more discussions on religion... this one is more personal daily life. :)