Friday, February 26, 2010

Present Day? I think so!

I finally got my rectangle baker and 12" skillet, which I'm sooo excited for!! After having a relatively stressful day yesterday, and thinking about starting another direct sales business (yes, I'm trying to do everything I can to stay at home!), this is a very nice surprise. I'm so excited to use both items! I know I'll be making tacos in the skillet tomorrow, but what to make in the baker? Hmmm.

If that wasn't awesome enough, to top it off (well, this actually came first today, but it isn't completed yet) I got my federal refund today, so I'm officially shopping for a MacBook Pro! I have a bid in with one guy near me and I'm looking around for other deals to try and save some money instead of buying it brand new. InshaAllah I find a good deal, I'm really itchin' to get my own computer again!

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