Thursday, February 25, 2010

Excitement and the dark cloud

First sign of pregnancy: allergies are back, in full swing. Man, my whole face itches including the inside of my mouth (big time) and my eyes. Alhamdulilah, I can take Sudafed and I'll try to keep it as low as possible, but I'm starting to consider getting rid of the cat because I think being pregnant, and I as found out - being on the birth control pill, intensifies my allergies to the cat. DD won't be happy. She loves animals. Hmmmm.

I grow in excitement as the news keeps sinking in. Next week, we're going to two birthing centers for initial consultations and to inshaAllah pick one for the prenatal care, labor and delivery. I love the idea of a birthing center instead of a hospital, and inshaAllah, insurance will help pay for it because I don't think we have an option if it doesn't.

There is the typical dark cloud though, hanging over our excitement and good news. Whenever something happy is going on for us, we are reminded that we are not followers of Jesus (uh, excuse me, yes we are.... we are followers of Allah and all the Prophets He sent down) and basically our good news is bad news to those that don't accept us. I think we're at excuse #70 for people raining our our parade, which means just a couple more times and they are done with me giving them the benefit of the doubt. I'm pretty fed up with all our celebrations in life being tainted by those reminding us of our religious difference. Don't you think you could just be happy for us, for yourself and the life achievements, for once? If not, leave. Go somewhere else with your sappy self and sulk where we are unaware. Ugh.

Sooooooooo, anyway, alhamdulilah for Sudafed... now too bad there isn't something for the very sore chest... it feels like someone is punching me in the chest when I go jogging! :)

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