Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sad News All Around

It comes as a surprise to me that even in the communities where people are religious (or acting as if they are), that there is turmoil and problems in their marriages. I guess I grew up in a very different crowd and always had this picture that the religious people didn't have any of these big problems like addiction, adultery, fornication, etc. The longer I associate myself with those that do profess a belief in God, I find that these problem exist here as well.

Of course, I do still think, and observe, that these problems are more prevalent in the agnostic/atheist communities, or at least the people that do not have a fear of God and Judgment Day. I still feel blessed to be around those that will help me stay on the path to Allah, inshaAllah, and those that will encourage me to that which will benefit.

I'm just surprised to witness all the problems people are experiencing. Maybe I'm naive?

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  1. I suppose we hope those who believe in God will be different and many are. But we are very disappointed when it's not true of some. I can relate. Nice to read your thoughts.