Monday, October 3, 2011

Is it over yet?

The super busy schedule I've taken on is getting old pretty fast. I am learning that a fast paced lifestyle was fun in my early 20's, and now that I'm nearing 30, I'm over it. I like that I'm "boring"... hey, at least I'm entertained. As the saying goes "only boring people get bored", and I don't get bored. So, I'm still working on the gloves, which I love doing. I can't wait until my Qibla class is over just because I want something to be out of the weekly routine. The same weekend the class is over, our Dawah Training Team is hosting a Dawah Boot Camp weekend seminar. Since it is in the "training" area, that means it falls in my camp. I'm looking forward to it, but super nervous that I'm going to drop the ball. I think October 24th will be a celebration of life getting back to a manageable pace.... inshaAllah! Funny - the next day is dh's New Student Orientation... a whole new spice to our ever changing lives. Alhamdulilah, I love everything we are involved in. I just pray we can have a moment to catch our breath to enjoy it.

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