Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Man, today sparked some very big *SIGH* moments. Nothing terrible, but just times where I need to take a deep breath and compose myself. Sometimes I wonder why someone with as many faults as I would have kids. There's this immense pressure that if you say the wrong thing, you will scar this young person's life forever... and I tend to say the wrong thing under pressure.

So I spent a couple hours cleaning and organizing a pile on a side table and some other things... I made it my priority to get thing in a "home" yet the apartment doesn't look any cleaner than it did before! Ah! I used to have a pretty neat and tidy apartment, before I acquired so much stuff.

So where should the time go? To my volunteer responsibilities? Homeschool organization? Cleaning? Catching up on the online class I'm terribly behind on? Make the phones calls I have piling up? (Ortho, a return of a product, update other volunteers, follow up with customer care calls for Pampered Chef...)

*sigh* The life of a SAHM. I wouldn't trade it for the working life, or not having kids (though getting away for an hour every once in a while would be great), but the fact that I don't earn a paycheck means my time has been spread across a lot of little things! What to do first? I guess each day is different. Maybe tomorrow I'll spend time on things other people would notice and appreciate too.

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