Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I'm fighting with the feeling of being incredibly lazy and the excuse of being 39 weeks pregnant. I stay home, so therefore the home should be in top shape... you would think. DD is 10 and she can help with a lot of stuff, but I don't want her doing anything and everything that I'm not able (or willing) to get done in a day.

I signed up for grocery delivery today. The selling point was the fact that I can use Internet and manufacturer coupons, plus the grocer's coupons and weekly specials, 90 days of free delivery, and I just so happened to come across a $20 Promo code for new customers! Grocery shopping takes me at least 4 hours to complete between going to the supermarket for the normal items, the natural food coop for dh's gluten free stuff, and the zabihah meat market. Now, I will just need to run to the meat market and I should be good to go, inshaAllah.

My eco-conscious is reminding me that I probably use more gas to make the 3 (sometimes more) trips to each store than the gas used by the delivery guy to make one trip to our apartment building (for multiple customers, I assume). Plus, I can take advantage of organic store brands to save money and buy more stuff organic, inshaAllah.

We looked at the cost of a maid even yesterday... but I don't think I could let myself get a maid when I stay home... it just feels wrong. I really shouldn't be that behind, but the belly is getting in the way!! InshaAllah this baby will come any day now and I can get some back and hip relief! Seriously, I swear the baby is so low that I'm going to look down and have a hand waving back at me. *sigh* Any time now... in the next 3 weeks. Oy... 3 weeks... that would be dreadful.


  1. Salaam uAlaikum Sis!
    Don't feel guilty about feeling so drained. Your body is a baby-producing factory at this point, and that is more than enough work to be doing!! I have been feeling the same way lately, my house has gone downhill fast, and I can simply NOT find any motivation to study, do my crafts, or any of the other things I use to occupy my time with. But, alhamdulillah it's all for good reason habibti, so take comfort in that insh'Allah!
    I think the whole grocery delivery thing is a wonderful idea mash'Allah. You've inspired me to check it out in my area, mainly because right now dh and I are without a car. It sure would be reassuring to know that we would definitely have the necessary food on our shelves regardless if I can find a ride to get it or not. Could you point me in the right direction to get more information? Do I look it up under our local grocer's? I am the same way as you, going three different places for canned/boxed items, fresh produce, and meat. Which usually takes a whole day,lots of gas, and requires me finding someone to help me carry all of it up our two flights of stair. Delivery would be great!!
    Anyways habibti, take it easy, I know it feels like if you don't get this stuff done it will never happen, but once that baby is born you will realize that deep cleaning the closets wasn't nearly as vital as you previously thought! :)
    Allah Ma'aku to you and the family.

  2. Jazak Allah khair for your kind words! I just looked up grocery delivery Twin Cities or Minnesota on Google and I was able to find a couple options. You can probably ask a mom's club near you also and I'm sure you'll find someone who uses grocery delivery. :) There were a couple options here and I picked the one with the higher delivery charge ($5 a trip, after the 90 free days, but even that can come down when you buy package deals) but they have organic and gluten free stuff, which the other place didn't have a lot of options.

    You know, I -might- end up saving money this way because I'm much more willing to use my time to find coupons online when before I would just go without coupons sometimes because I just wanted it over and done with, and didn't want to bother going through my stack of coupons and searching for stuff. InshaAllah it works out for both of us!

  3. assalamu alikum sister,
    i got your blog address from a christian sisters blog.
    i was reading your posts since last more than one hour from its begining(2008).
    very interesting posts.
    sometimes its so interesting and sometimes sad of your feelings.
    i am still didn't get into your husbands islam..
    is he still a believer like you?..or name sake muslim?....i think ,may be i missed some of your posts to read.

    is he still following islam as you follow?..

    my du's from deep my heart for your health and new baby.

    may allah keep you and your family in happiness throughout your life and reward jannah for your strong faith in deen.

    jazakallh khair.

  4. assalamu alaikum sister,
    i m inspired encouraged towards my faith in islam by your posts.
    jazakallah khairan.

    i am regularly watching peace tv.

  5. Anonymous 1: Sorry I didn't get back to this earlier. I just had a baby 6 weeks ago and I'm finally getting back to my day to day life within a new context of normal. Blog posts have fallen very far down my priority list. InshaAllah, it can move back up, but I can't make any promises. :)

    Yes, my husband is still a Muslim, and practicing to the best of his ability, mashaAllah. Both him and I have strengths and weaknesses, so I can't say he follows Islam "like me" just like I don't follow Islam "like him". While I love reading, lectures, taking classes, etc., my husband is amazing at picking apart things for their intention and hidden meanings, putting faith into his everyday practice (such as not saying "Holy cow" because "holy" should be a word saved for things as such. He won't even use the word "awesome" without it being within the exact definition.)

    Long story short, we are both converts, so we are progressing, as everyone is in their lives. :)