Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Do We Look Outside of Ourselves?

We're faced again with a challenge of our faith. We ask that those around us who ask us to be Christian, at least understand what we believe. We aren't asking anyone to be Muslim... just to have a clue about what we believe. Frankly, I'm sick of seeing emails and literature that talks about how Islam is the black-man's religion and Christianity is the white-man's religion. Hello?!?!?! I'm white as paper, and while my husband tans nicely, he's white too. Do you think we'd get into a religion that taught us that white people are the devil? Ugh. Why is not logic and reason used. And why is what "makes you feel good" so dang important? It used to feel good to do bad things... but now, that doesn't feel good anymore. We instead need to stick with what is solid, what matters, and what is not going to change over time. The things that are important in this life, are not always going to make you "feel good." Heck, the baby just did a big flip in my belly, which didn't feel good. Labor isn't going to feel good either. That doesn't mean we run away from having kids.

I try to understand why we are faced with such opposition on something people know near nothing about. All I can come up with is fear - fear of what is outside of themselves. Do we all assume that we know everything, or that our pastor knows all? Any new idea is thrown out the window because it wasn't given to us on the silver platter of "what makes you feel good" or it wasn't presented in a way that matches what you believe already? Why are we always wrong when no one knows what we even believe? *sigh*

I just don't get it.


  1. I wish people would try to understand your position. Don't give up. Maybe one day they will be courteous enough to really listen to your point of view. Sorry for this struggle. *Hugs*

  2. Asalamu aliakuam Durriyyah,
    The labor example and baby flipping was so cute ;)

    I'm sorry that the people around you call Islam a black man's religion. I'm not even sure I understand what that is supposed to mean- I mean do they mean that Christanity is right because 'white men' follow it? Does that mean that it must be true then? Wouldn't that imply that secretly they believe whites are better/more right than blacks? If Christanity is the white man's religion, does that mean that 'the black man is the devil'??? I mean what's up with that logic, lol?

    I'm so lost with that comment which to me is COMPLETE RACISM.

    Anyways, I hope things get better for you and your husband. I suppose they're just worried about you and love you- shrugs- people have a funny way of showing that they care ;)

  3. Islam being a "black man's religion" actually stems from the Nation of Islam, which had such a huge voice for a period of time, it seems that its teachings leak into the minds of people when they think of Orthodox Islam. It is an honest mistake of those who know nothing about Islam, but it feels like banging my head against the same wall when it is brought up. Maybe I should record "That is not what we believe" on a tape recorder so I can not be annoyed at repeating myself. :)

  4. lol some of my dh's relatives have blue eyes and red hair :d so that much about blacmk man's religion. they're arabs anyway..

    be strong sis, inshaAllah!