Sunday, March 28, 2010


Why does something that is supposed to make life easier, make things harder? We're supposed to keep everyone happy that we have ever met... whether it be coworkers, family, friends, whatever. Yeah right. Seriously.

So, I'm changing my Facebook account and I know this is going to deeply weed out my friends list, alhamdulilah. I can't keep everyone happy, and those that aren't happy need to either suck it up, or talk to me about it FACE TO FACE (no wai! oh my gosh! face to face?! who does that anymore!) *sigh*

In all fairness, it is my fault also for not taking the first step, but here's my thinking... I wasn't offended in the first place. So, when I know you're talking ABOUT me, should I step in and say "Hey, let's talk this over?" Yeah, sure, I should... but it is jacked and I'm not thrilled about being in this position, so let's just say I might not be in the best of moods to make it a valuable conversation.

Anyway, alhamdulilah for my friends who really are my friends! I love you guys, and you're quickly feeling like family! <3

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